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“It’s about humanity”

Relevant to me as a female author, but also as a human being living on Earth.

Why don’t men read books by women?

We could decide, as a culture, that all stories matter, and that a life in which we only listen to the stories told by a tiny slice of society is impoverished and wasted. Or, I guess, we could read A Farewell to Arms yet again.

5 thoughts on ““It’s about humanity”

  1. My immediate thought (being somewhat of a contrarian) was, “Why don’t more women write books for men? I checked amazon for a list of the most recent books I’ve ordered:

    Competitive AR Builder’s Guide
    Long Range Precision Rifle
    Culinary Artistry
    Isle of Skye: 40 Coast and Country Walks
    Food Photography for Bloggers
    Mission Cook!

    IMHO, there is no reason why any of those books could not have been written by a woman.

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