Help me, internet. You’re my only hope.

There is a question I’ve been unable to determine the answer to for three months now. I was given this absolutely gorgeous picture frame that I love, but I have no idea what the Tengwar symbols say.  I may be a Tolkien geek, but I never got around to learning my elvish languages.  The shame. I know only enough to know it’s not a simple matter of converting the symbols to English alphabet equivalents because they represent sounds rather than letters, and the position they have in relation to each other can change the inferred sound.

Can anyone read this?  It’s just that knowing the humor of the particular friend who gave it to me, it might well say something like “bitch” and she might be having me on when she says she doesn’t know what it means, and I probably ought to know before displaying it on my wall. 😉


Happy Hobbit Weekend

In honor of the release of The Desolation of Smaug, and because people tend to doubt me when I talk about my “geek shrine,” I am sharing the photographic evidence with you.

My geekery is serious business.

Points to you if you can pick out everything in there, although I very much doubt it. Some of it is too niche to be playing fair (and the photo just would not come into focus.)

and this is after I cleaned it out and removed maybe half of the LotR figures

and this is after I cleaned it out and removed maybe half of the LotR figures

For the record, I very much enjoyed the film. I highly recommend getting out there and seeing it in the theatre. You won’t want to miss seeing the dragon on the big screen.