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Dogwood House: Alyssa’s Books

Hey there, readerly friendos. Are you into fantasy stories that are not the same tired retelling of the same tired tropes with (tired) slavish devotion? Worlds that are populated by a richly diverse assortment of people and cultures? Complex female protagonists? Magic? Elves? Fantasy cultures that don’t all default to boring medieval European misogyny?

Me too! That’s why I wrote my own.

As of April 2019, I am delighted to be offering my debut novel through my very own imprint, Dogwood House LLC.

New Mornnovin front cover

cover art by Scott Baucan

Mornnovin back cover

Mornnovin, The Way of the Falling Star Book 1, is available in both eBook and trade paperback format. If you’re interested in ordering as directly from the printer as possible, (and getting more dollars per sale into the hands of the author,) that would be at my Aerio storefront, here:

Alyssa Marie Bethancourt on Aerio

It can also be obtained through the following online retailers:

*24Symbols     *Amazon     *Apple     *Barnes & Noble     *Bookmate

*Booktopia     *Gardners     *Glose     *Kobo    *Wook

Do note that Mornnovin is the first book in a series. Trajelon: The Way of the Falling Star Book 2 has concluded a successful fundraising campaign to raise printing costs as of March 2020 and will be going into pre-production shortly, with an expected November 2020 release date. So be sure to stay tuned for more elfy goodness in the very near future!

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