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friendship and mood medicine in miniature

Holy mackerel, I know some truly wonderful people!

Two weeks ago, I saw this cute post from Guylty, a friend and fellow blogger of the Richard Armitage fandom persuasion. She has gotten into crafting some really impressive projects in the last few years and one of her latest masterpieces are these tiny, tiny book earrings.

photo by Guylty at guylty.net

Little Hobbit books!

Naturally I was charmed, given my special relationship with The Hobbit and also my lifelong love of miniature treasures, and I told her so. To my surprise and delight, she offered to send them to me as a much-needed pick-me-up. Heck yes! I’ve actually been thinking of them every day since she made the offer, wondering how quickly they could get here.

Can you believe they’re here already, all the way from Dublin?!

I always check the mail while I’m waiting for the hot water to boil for my late-morning tea, so this was a lovely little diversion to be able to sit down with at Saturday breakfast.

Look at that adorable envelope. Did Guylty make it herself?

Inside I found this assortment of goodies. A really nice handmade Richard Armitage/Shakespeare postcard, the long-expected Hobbit earrings, and… something else? What could it be?

They’re so cute!!! I love them!
But what is this?

Another handmade envelope, this one intriguingly tiny. The postcard hinted at an additional surprise treat to make up for the fact that she’d had to reveal the secret of the Hobbit earrings by asking for my address. I love Guylty’s imagination, so I was keenly interested to see what lay inside this “extra surprise” envelope.



I was so excited that I rushed upstairs to show my husband and promptly fumbled them all over the floor with my ecstatic hands. I LOVE THEM! Looks like I know now what I’m wearing at my book launch party! XD

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Guylty! You are creative, fun, extraordinarily talented, and a good friend! This delivery definitely gave my mood a lift! What great medicine for my soul.

And the rest of you should definitely go check out more of her adorable creations (with I assume more always to come)!

I’m wearing the Hobbit earrings right now, by the way. ❤

10 thoughts on “friendship and mood medicine in miniature

  1. Oh, that is so lovely! The Hobbit earrings – yes, super. But your own books! That’s just spectacular! Guylty never fails to amaze me with both her creativity and her generosity ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Aw, Alyssa – what a lovely post. Just first of all – you deserve all the love and best wishes for a quick and easy recuperation. And what’s better than a little surprise gift? So yeah, the Hobbit earrings were really just a pretext. I was delighted when you said you liked them, but I immediately knew that I *really* wanted to make you something entirely personal. Something that has meaning for you and that is unique. Especially as you had only just released the cover of Trajelon. Luckily the two covers worked out really beautifully as a miniature, and they are actually discernibly the covers of your books.
    So I am happy if you are happy. 🙂 The envelope was indeed made by me, too – I deliberately chose the dog motif, thinking of Hento.
    And wow, yes, the postal service really worked very fast. Yay! So, best wishes again – and I am looking forward to the release of Trajelon!!! xxx

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