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7 thoughts on “Because I felt cute for five minutes

    • Thanks! Funny story about the hat:

      One of my best friends bought the same hat, with me, when we were 15 and getting ready for our big end-of-the-year French Club party. (Someone trusted us with the party budget. loooooool) But when I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 18, I thought I lost the hat. I have continued to be very sad about it, especially when I see that friend posting current photos of herself wearing hers.

      Well, last weekend I emptied out an old chest, the one where I store my purses, with the intention of giving the chest a makeover and then going through the purses for donation before putting them back. And GUESS WHAT WAS AT THE BOTTOM!?

      My trusty old black beret and I are reunited at last, and how sweet it is.

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