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achievement unlocked: book love spReAd

Saturday ended up being a bit crazy, so I wasn’t able to make my book donation until today. When I told the spawn where I was going and why, he wanted to come along and make a donation of his own. On the way, we talked about what book he planned to share. His immediate, emphatic answer was Ender’s Game. All discussions about the very disappointing movie aside, he explained that it was the first book that went into him as more than words. I know just what he means.

At the book store, I was suddenly faced with an unexpected dilemma:

Holy cheese! Which one do I choose?

Holy cheese! Which one do I choose?

So many editions! Too many choices! I was at it for a while, but I eventually settled on a winner.

with Tolkien's original illustrations

With Tolkien’s original illustrations.

Although this one was a major temptation and made me think right away of Obscura and Servetus both.

You can breathe easy tonight, kids.

You can breathe easy tonight, kids.

While I was taking a year and a day flipping through all of the editions, weighing the merits of each, trying to make the difficult decision, I was approached by a very friendly couple who asked me excitedly if I was a big sci-fi/ fantasy fan, because they loved reading so much and just didn’t come across enough women readers of the genres. We had an enthusiastic conversation about books, and reading, and books on Kindle, and books as movies, and books for young readers. I told them what I was doing and got their joyful thumbs-up. At the end, the woman asked for my name so she could look for my books when I’m published. I gave her my card (and my inner five-year-old gigglesnorts every time I do that. So author. Such grownup. Wow.)

But then it was time to make our donations. The spawn found the edition he wanted (don’t mind the teenager face):

He flatly refused to donate any edition with the movie poster cover. Can't say I disagree.

He flatly refused to donate any edition with the movie poster cover. Can’t say I disagree.

Because apparently my local library has weirdly severe and restrictive donation policies, I elected to make our donation at Half Price Books. It was a good choice. They are proudly, prominently displaying their project.

Right at the front of the store.

Right at the front of the store.


So excited for some child to read you!

So excited for some child to read you!

Godspeed, beloved words! May you find your home in a willing heart!

16 thoughts on “achievement unlocked: book love spReAd

  1. So, do you go to the bookshop, buy a book and then donate it? Where does it go once you have donated it? Where does this take place – which book shop? I am sorry for the 100 questions!

    • No apology necessary! Questions are good. 🙂

      The challenge is described here http://funkybluedandelion.blogspot.com/2014/01/spread-love-first-challenge.html

      To quote jazzbaby:

      “Dr. Seuss’s birthday falls on March 2 and in the US it kicks off Read Across America in elementary schools and libraries. The challenge from us is to choose a book that meant the world to you as a child (or a children’s book you’ve read and loved as an adult), blog about it and then donate a copy of it to a school, library or literacy program, or give it as a gift to a young family member or friend. Just let us know in the body of your blog post where you’re donating and that’s it, it counts. We have another anonymous co-conspirator who is willing to donate $1 for each act of kindness during March and April up to $200 to Richard Armitage’s JustGiving charities so this one is going to be a win-win.”

      It didn’t have to be a new copy, that was just my choice. (Frankly, all of my copies of The Hobbit, the book I had chosen to donate, have seen far better days and aren’t really fit for donation.) Most local libraries accept donations of books in good condition. Mine just has a donation policy that I didn’t find satisfactory, so I chose Half Price Books because they are running a donation drive through the end of March.

      From their website: “Donate a new or gently used children’s book at any Half Price Books location Sunday, February 16 – Monday, March 31, 2014. The books you and your family have already enjoyed will go directly to local nonprofit organizations, libraries and teacher’s classrooms in your community. For each book you donate during the Half Pint Library book drive, Half Price Books will match it.”

      There are also a number of local literacy programs and children’s charities (such as Ronald McDonald House) that accept donations. You could even just outright gift the book to a child in your life. The possibilities are vast! It doesn’t matter what you give or where you give it, as long as you’re getting books into the hands of young readers and spreading the love.

      • Thanks for the very detailed response. Huh. If I was in the US and donated a book it would be, of course, a Harry Potter book because Harry Potter is my childhood. I grew up with him. We are the same age! 🙂
        However, this donating thing is pretty interesting…

          • Sounds good 🙂 Although is The Hobbit really a childrens book – I wouldn’t have considered it to be…

          • Oh yes, very much so. Check out the very first line of the Wiki entry: “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, is a fantasy novel and children’s book by English author J. R. R. Tolkien. It was published on 21 September 1937 to wide critical acclaim, being nominated for the Carnegie Medal and awarded a prize from the New York Herald Tribune for best juvenile fiction. The book remains popular and is recognized as a classic in children’s literature.”

          • Hm. Ok… Well, I read it as a YA, I just wouldn’t have considered it a children’s book! It is a great book though

      • This was awesome to read, thanks so much! I used to spend a LOT of time in Half Price Books, loved that place.

  2. Hobbitus Ille — LMAO — I haven’t read that one, but I confess to having read Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis.

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