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Background to the fore

June is here, with all that entails.  Needless to say, it is very hot right now.  As per the yearly ritual, I’ve been diving through my photos to find a cooling image to live on my desktop for the next few months.  I collect pictures of snow and water year-round for just this purpose. I’d share the wallpaper I settled on if I remembered where it came from so I could link to the source.

I will, however, share the full version of the blog’s background photo.  Because it’s my photo, and so I own the rights to it, and I’m proud of it, and I attach many pleasant (and cool) memories to the experience of taking it.

Phipps Conservatory Pittsburgh, PA

Phipps Conservatory
Pittsburgh, PA

2 thoughts on “Background to the fore

    • My words are soothing? The more you know!

      I do love looking at this photo, though. Especially when it’s 120F outside, and my a/c is killing itself trying to keep the house livable with only partial success.

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