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Change is sometimes good

For some years now I’ve done my best to be a loyal Dreamwidth blogger. From their earliest days, they made a sincere effort to be a more user-friendly alternative to Livejournal — they never once tried to sell my contact information to shady Russian businessmen. They’ve always been buggy, but in the beginning I told myself to just bear with them while they worked out all the wrinkles. Alas, that never came to fruition, and I often find myself thinking things like, “Gosh, it would be nice to be able to use some embedded code in this post,” or, “I’d really like to make a photo post today. Too bad.”

Plus, these days it seems like most of the blogs I’m following are on WordPress anyway…

This is my way of saying I think it’s time to import my blog and say farewell to DW. I really wanted them to succeed. Still do. Just would have been nice if they’d ever launched an update that allowed me to use all of the functions that were supposedly available all along.

11 thoughts on “Change is sometimes good

  1. I confess that I have no commitment to dreamwidth and it will be easier for me to follow you on WP. 🙂

  2. Welcome to WP, Alyssa. It makes it much easier – although I am not a huge fan of WP, having started out on Blogger myself. But these days most of the blogs I write are on WP, and so I have learnt to adapt. (I still stubbornly prefer Blogger, but hey, we all have our quirks.) Looking forward to reading more.

      • Haha, well, you never forget your first one, I guess. Blog, that is. And customising is really much easier on Blogger, plus the templates are free… ah… I am becoming all teary-eyed thinking of my first one…

        • Uch, I sort of dreaded blogging till I finally got a clue and left Blogger. I will never understand why people were so thrilled by it. 🙂

    • Thanks! I think I’m all ported over now. I have to say, I’m finding the (free) edit options here pretty rigid, but at the same time, there *is* the fact that I can now do totally normal things like post photos which I couldn’t at DW. So there’s that.

          • oh — ok, you’re a more sophisticated level user than I am. However, you can change the font color of the text in individual posts in the text editor itself, I know. I think you can also add html code in the html editor to change the font (although I only ever do that to get rid of fonts that appear that I don’t want when I cut and paste).

          • I’m sure I’ll soon get over it in the heady rush of being able to make posts that have mixed media content and that do not sometimes disappear when I import the text from Word. (I sigh at you, DW. Really, I was very patient.)

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